Jordan is a father to a four year old, newborn twins and an out of control Jack Russell mix. He's also a husband, artist, photo retoucher, photographer, and life long martial artist. Recently I created a company in the name of my first born, Jaxson.

Jaxson's World was officially formed in October of 2017 by Jordan and Ally Ellis. The couple spent a very long time trying to piece together an outer space theme nursery for their new son, Jaxson. The products they found were few and far between, and often boring and unoriginal. It was then that Jordan decided to create his own designs.

Combining his traditional and digital art experience, Jordan created original and playful designs by hand, and brought them into Photoshop to create a truly unique pattern. This art was then used to create outer space themed products for Jaxson's nursery. 

Jordan and Ally's son was born with Down Syndrome in June of 2015, which was hard news for the young couple to hear at the time of his diagnoses (12 weeks into pregnancy). Now at 2.5 years old, he is the most happy, well mannered and adorable toddler Jordan and Ally could have ever imagined. Since Jaxson's birth, he has brought so much joy to so many lives. Jaxson's World was created in his name to spread that joy with the rest of the world.